Partial Taffeta - Cruising Genoa

The leech of overlapping genoas gets beat up every time the boats tacks as that part of the sail gets dragged across the shrouds and the front of the mast. The faster the sheet is trimmed or the higher the windspeed, the greater the friction of the sail against the mast and rigging. To protect the sail, UK Sailmakers can adhere a thin layer of woven polyester taffeta onto one or both sides of the sail’s leech. On X-Drive and Tape-Drive sails, the taffeta can be put over the tapes to protect the sail from protruding items such as whisker poles, radar domes, deck lights, baby stays, radar reflectors and or loud hailers. 

Shown above is an example of taffeta applied to back end of a genoa.

Two carbon X-Drive genoas with a taffeta layer over portion of the sail that overlaps the mast. This prevents the mylar from being abraded during tacking.