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Founded in 1946 in New York City as Ulmer Sails, UK Sailmakers is one of the world's most established groups of sail makers with nearly 50 lofts and service centers. It is our goal to deliver sails using the most advanced design technologies and materials. Our lofts retain the personal touch that sailors expect since all UK Sailmakers lofts are owned by local sailors, who know the needs of their sailing communities. That's why each loft prides itself in providing quick, high-quality service along with well-designed, long-lasting sails.

Two locations. Same great service!


Northwest Loft

UK Sailmakers Northwest is located on the water in Sidney, British Columbia and is the largest full production and repair loft in Western Canada. With dock space to fit new sails or repair your sail while you wait, UKNW also offers vast local knowledge backed by the experience of the entire UK Sailmakers Group. 

Service is the #1 priority at UK Sailmakers Northwest and we pride ourselves on providing a world class experience with a personal touch! Our team is committed to this customer-centric approach so whether you’re buying a new sail, having your sail repaired or simply need advice, our goal is to help you get the most from your UK experience.


We love sailing so you can be sure that the people taking care of you and your sail are proud of their work and understand what your sails mean to you. 

Stuart Dahlgren (stuart@uksails.ca)  Co-owner of UKNW, Stuart comes from a family of mariners and has spent his life sailing on the West Coast. His love of sailing was fostered at young age through the Royal Victoria YC’s junior program and has continued, with an affinity toward ocean racing in more recent years. Stu has absorbed every scrap of knowledge he has ever heard, read or experienced about sailing and sailmaking and enjoys meeting with clients to share what he knows and learn from their experiences.  Then, with the support of UK’s design group, he dimensions and designs sails that best meet the specific needs of each client.

Joy Dahlgren (joy@uksails.ca) Co-owner of UKNW and head of new sail production, Joy takes Stuart’s designs and, with her attention to detail, fabricates custom sails that don’t leave the loft until they have her seal of approval. Joy grew up sailing in the French West Indies but traded boats for horses when she moved to Canada. Her love of sailing was reignited when she met Stuart in 2006 and, although she tolerates ocean racing, herpassion is “around the cans” racing and coastal cruising with Stu and the loft spaniels, Mel and Sarah. 

Since purchasing the loft in 2011, Stu and Joy have built UKNW into a full production loft and devoted themselves to supporting sailing in the Pacific Northwest. This isn’t a job for them, it’s a way of life!

Sharon McBride (sharon@uksails.ca) Repairs and Service Manager, Sharon is who you talk to when your existing sails need a little TLC,  you need some custom canvas work or maybe that spinnaker drop didn’t quite go as planned in your last race. With over 30 years of sailmaking experience as an accredited journeyman sailmaker, Sharon is one of few that can still loft and cut a sail by hand. She has an unrivaled depth of knowledge and we’ve yet to hear her say, “I’ve never seen that before”, as she works her magic!

Jeff McBride (loft@uksails.ca) Sailmaker, Jeff has more time on boats than almost everyone else at the loft put together and can probably tell you the sail number of every boat he ever sailed on. With his keen eye for details, Jeff is our “go to guy” for hand work and is always looking for ways to improve our finishing. 

Cathy Ward (cathy@uksails.ca) Office Manager, Cathy is the only landlubber of the bunch but that’s good because we need someone here to answer the phones when the rest of us are sailing! With her amazing organizational skills, she makes sure the train stays on the rails and customers get their sails on time. 

Business Hours

Monday thru Friday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Contact Information:

2212 Harbour Rd
Sidney, British Columbia
V8L 2P6 Canada
Phone: 1-800-563-7245
Email: northwest@uksailmakers.com


Toronto Loft

In 2006 Brian Chapman joined UK Sailmakers as the International Design Coordinator. Shortly after he started a small service loft in Toronto to provide sails and support to local sailors, the loft has the mandate “to give the time, attention, and service so each and every customer can realize their sailing goals”.

Our Service is how we will keep your loyalty. Throughout the season you will find Brian and Carolyn at local yacht clubs helping sailors get the most out of their sails. We are not just selling sails, our customers benefit from our sailing knowledge. UK Sailmakers Toronto’s full service loft is conveniently located and able to handle any repairs or recuts.  Our priority is to get you back on the water quickly, the season is short enough!


When you talk with people at UK Sailmakers Toronto you can be sure that the person you are talking to is knowledgeable and experienced. We are not salesmen, we are sailmakers and proud of it.

Brian Chapman (torontosails@uksailmakers.com) Loft owner and sail designer, Brian has 35 years of experience designing and building sails. Whether you are a racer, cruiser, or sail any parts of the world. You will want Brian to design and oversee your sails.

Carolyn Chui (torontosails@uksailmakers.com) The newest edition to the team, Carolyn has 20+ years experience sailing in Canada and the Caribbean as the helm on a number race boats including the J30, C&C99, C&C115, IMX38, Reflex 38, Beneteau 40.7, and a Custom 44.  Carolyn has first hand experience using our products out on the water - Woven Polyester, Tape Drive, X-Drive, Uni-Titanium, and our line of Matrix Spinnakers.

Guy Hector (torontosails@uksailmakers.com) Hailing from Antigua, Guy has been a sailmaker there for 25 years, managing A&F sails in Nelsons Dockyard. Now in Canada Guy runs our service department performing expert repairs to get you back on the water fast.  

UK Sailmakers Toronto
1869 Gerrard Street East
Toronto, ON M4L 2B8
Phone: 416-915-9134


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